You help people when you donate.
Fish Samaritan House has been serving the needy of Youngstown since 1968 with food, meals and clothing. Fish Samaritan House is both a food pantry and a thrift store located at 17 Kenmore Avenue. Your donations help pay for utilities and everything it takes to keep us open. 
We really, really appreciate your gifts of money and donations of things from you for our thrift store sales.

The person you help might be a stranger or even someone just down the block from you.

Our Thrift Store is here to make good second hand items available to people who need them at an inexpensive price. Your donations help us achieve that goal. Our goal is to be “The thriftiest thrift store in town.

Our Pantry serves what can be an even greater need, giving hungry people food.

The mission and purpose of the Fish Samaritan House is to help individuals & families who are in need of free emergency food and clothing.

“The Fish,” as people call it, works with community and religious organizations who tell us about low and moderate income families they know are in need.  

How your help can help us help people.

All your donated items are sold in the thrift store to support our mission to help those here who are in need of help. We are a registered charity, so your donations are deductible.

Had a garage, estate or rummage sale and have a pile of leftover items?  
’ll even come and get them!

Shoppers, if you find a large treasure in our Thrift Store, we can even arrange delivery.

Find a large treasure in our busy thrift store and we can set up home delivery at a nominal fee. 

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